The Man behind the Zaken Corporation

The Man behind the Zaken Corporation

There have been hundreds of complaints being thrown at the Zaken Corp. because of an insurmountable level of questions left unanswered by the company with regards to the service they have allegedly offered to its customers. For those who happen to be involved and also those people who are just curious and keeping themselves up to date, there is a single proprietor behind all these issues regarding the Zaken Corp. He is the one who created the so called business and has been recruiting people into his company to become a member only to find out that they have been scammed in the end.
Zaken Corp. was created by one, Tiran Zaken who has been involved with the business of buying and selling products that were meant for closeout since the age of seventeen. He was said to have achieved his own financial success way before he had reached the age of thirty and was fortunate enough to have made associates across the United States whom went under his tutelage and have been successful in the profession. Some even call him as an epitome of the American dream since at a young age he was able to show good work ethic and developed his own business strategies at a tender age. According to Tiran Zaken, the Zaken Corp. aims to pair up consumers interested in reselling goods with manufactures looking to rid themselves of their overstocked products.

Basically, selling out surplus items for less and reselling them to interested companies since at the end of each year most companies would need additional warehouse space in order to store their new line of products and in order to do this, there is the need to rid themselves of the old ones lying around in the warehouse collecting dust. This is where his company comes in, to take these overstocked unsold items, buy them for a lower price and resell them to another consumer for a profit. He offers people the opportunity to become their own boss and to work at the comfort of their homes. For someone who interested into getting into business, these do not sound half bad. Also, according to Zaken, there is no need for staff and capital investment in order to join his company. His company which is based in Thousand Oaks, California has been home to his humongous warehouse that stores most of the items and products that are considered surplus from various companies.

He encourages those interested to go and check his own blog regarding the matter of all the accusations that his company has been receiving for so long. It is to his belief that there have been a lot of smear campaigns against him by his competitors in order to run him out of business and he encourages those interested in sharing his success to do their own research and find out what Zaken Corp. is all about and figure out why it is not a scam and why so many people call it so.

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